Tally Server 9


Tally.Server 9 is an Enterprise Class product that helps fast growth medium and large size businesses to improve their business efficiencies. It enhances the power and control of Tally.ERP 9 Gold users byserver based management.. It is an extremely simple-to-deploy product that provides concurrent and secure access to Tally data, advanced monitoring and administrative control.


  1. Allows greater concurrency by allowing multiple users to access, add or modify data simultaneously.
  2. Allows users to Read + Read and Read + Write simultaneously in a multi-user environment.
  3. Ensures zero crashes on account of data issues and other reliability issues like MsgWalk Error, Data Files Damaged, and Unable to access data file and so on
  4. Improved security of data by allowing data operations by authorised users.
  5. Allows administrators to monitor and administer the activities of users viz., who is currently connected, last view reports and also disconnect users and so on
  6. Increases productivity and business performance by enhancing the optimal utilisation of man hours and speed of operations.